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By 2003/2004 with the high OEM demand for Precision Paint services Precision outgrew the paint shop. In 2004 Precision built its current 35,000 square foot state-of-the-art production facility and corporate office, and in 2006 built another 14,000 square foot operations plant.


Precision Painting's services include more than exterior paint renovation. Its whole coach refurbishing services grew and in 2008 the interiors devision was launched as Precision Interiors. These sister companies create a 'one stop' service shop. While Precision Painting functions as the paint facility, Precision Interiors specializes in interior renovation and service.


Today, Precision Painting and Precision Interiors operate 4 production plants, with over 83,000 total square feet, 5 paint booths, and over 100 technicians. Current production includes a variety of manufacturers, fleet owners, and independent motorcoach owners. With clientèle ranging between the 'mom and pop RVer' looking to freshen up their camper to the Public-figures and Executives wanting only the best.


Industry wide, Precision is known for its signature finishes. Precision is one of the only paint shops with a 'wet-sand and buff' crew of professionals. We have an entire team of technicians dedicated to making sure each coach has the smooth, glossy, mirror-like finish. During the economic downturn manufacturers knew they needed to offer a flawless product - and they chose Precision Painting. Our finishes shine like no other, lay flatter, and have the proper color clarity protection and oxidation resistance.


Precision Painting, Inc. was established in 1995 by Todd Hundt. Todds vision for Precision Painting was to grow a company grounded in values, with a reputation for high quality paint work, and an exceptional finish. The company began operating in a modest facility located in Bremen, Indiana.


Over the next five years as Precision's standards for quality raised the bar for production paint, Precision became an OEM (Original



Equipment Manufacturer for many of Elkhart, Indiana based motorhome manufacturers. The prestige of being an OEM paint shop means that the manufacturers want our quality and finish to represent their brand, and it is our paint job that is on many of the new motorhomes in the industry.


In 1995 a high end paint job consisted of a single color along with the basement doors, and some vinyl striping. Precision had a streamlined production facility, a team of skilled technicians, and a passion to push motorcoach paint and design to the limits.


In the year 2000, Precision became the exclusive OEM paint facility for Travel Supreme; while still serving several other manufacturers and growing its refurbished division.


Precision grew quickly, and in 2001 added partners Dan Miller and Mike Leman. Within one year of the new partnership, Precision added a downdraft paint booth, enabling a more streamlined paint process and consistent finish.

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