Step 4:  Color and Clear - Color Clarity...

Color and clear is the process during which the accent colors are sprayed and the gloss finish is applied. Color and clear are all done the same day. The paint on the based and striped coach remains in the 'dry but still wet' state. Because it is 'dry' the based color can be carefully striped without contaminating the base paint. While it is 'still wet' the accent colors are applied. Once the accent paint has flashed, the spray-mask is removed. Each line is then carefully 'hand bladed' - this is a skillful process of taking a razor blade and cutting along each line, feathering out the transitions among the colors. The motorhome is then inspected for any production issues.


Once the coach passes inspection it is cleared with a durable UV resistant high-gloss clear. OEM RV paint standards require a minimum clear coat thickness of 2 millimeters. Precision's production standards require a thickness of 4-6 millimeters, which is applied in a 3 coat process. The thicker clear coat allows us to finish the paint process with our signature wet sand and buff.

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