Step 1:  Prep - Lasting Durability...

'Prep' is an abbreviation for preparation. This it the process by which the unit is prepared for paint. Prep includes pre-washing the entire coach, masking windows and areas not to be painted, sanding, hand scuffing, fixing imperfections in the substrate, and solvent washing for contaminants.


The pre-wash clears off any dirt that is on the coach when it arrives at the shop. Each window is masked off individually by hand and inspected to ensure there are 'no blowouts'. The coach is then completely sanded and scuffed to score the gel-coat face.

This creates a surface that the paint will literally 'settle into' - instead of just 'on top of' - creating a physical bond to the side wall. The coach is then evaluated, and any substrate imperfections are fixed. Lastly, the entire coach is hand washed and dried with heavy chemical solvent degreaser. On a full sized Class A motorhome Precision spends an average of 40-50 'man-hours' on paint prep to ensure longer paint durability.

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