Step 5:  Wet Sand/Buff - Glass Finish...

Wet Sand and Buff Process is the final touch that makes your coach stand out and shine. Precision's clear coat procedures consistently put a clear coat thickness of 4-6 millimeters before the 4 step wet sand and buff.


Painted surfaces are naturally wavy. Precision wet sands the top layer of clear with multi-stages of sandpaper, then buffs the surface smooth. This brings the painted surface to a smoother, brighter, glossier, flatter finish - that cannot be achieved by any other means.


The wet sand and buff process requires a very technically specific skill-set. Most RV Paint Shops have failed to master the 'cut-and'buff' finish, and simply stop at the 'color and clear' stage. But, industry wide the buffed coach gets the respect it deserves.


Precision regularly audits the buffed coach on a D.O.I. wave scan reader - and we, again, consistently achieve a glassy smooth finish.


In this picture, notice the crisp clean reflection lines around the shop lights. Contrast that with the wavy lines reflected in the 'Color and Clear' picture.


Simply put, the buffed finish is a superior finish, and easier to maintain a brilliant shine. After your coach is buffed the clear coat still has a thickness of 3-5 millimeters (OEM RV paint standards require 2 Millimeters), preventing oxidation and color fade.





Precision gives exceptional attention to detail at every stage of the production process - resulting in a more durable, longer lasting, and cleaner finish. Precision has a 3 year limited warranty on every paint job.

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